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I am a Reference Point Therapy Instructor and Practitioner, professional photographer, artist and writer with extensive experience in business marketing and business success.


Creativity fills every aspect of my life. I'm a professional photographer and artist, writer, business coach and teacher. In every aspect of all that I do, I use my creativity. Reference Point Therapy, too, is all about creativity. What are we creating, what do we want to create and more importantly what do we believe we can create. That's why I became a Reference Point Therapy practitioner and certified Teacher. Our past traumas are the roadblocks to creating what we want. And, until RPT, I'd found them difficult to change. Now my consciousness is able to drive the freeways to the destinations I choose.

Prior to becoming a photographer I had been a business coach and leadership development trainer. During that time I took numerous classes that used muscle testing and that showed me just how important belief work is and what the sub-conscious is capable of under the name of "in our best interest." During thousands of hours of practice and observation, I came to realize that beliefs are connected in our sub-conscious in circuituous and non-logical ways. (For personal reasons I stepped away from that work.)

In Mastering the Miraculous I feel as if every part of my being has been shined and sparkled. Clearing past trauma is like clearing away the extraneous rock from a diamond so that the facets are clear and it shines and sparkes as it was intended.


art, marketing, creativity, hiking in the mountains, writing, photography, photographing angel clouds, floral photographic art, nutrient dense foods, Westin A Price Foundation, the real food movement, raw milk, writing, listening to books on tape and of course doing RPT