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My People

  • Lora Cain
    Lora Cain is a multi-talented singer, actor, dancer and voice-over artist.
  • Miss Lora's Southern Guide to Internet Dating
    Check this out, it's soooo funny. I know for a fact Miss Lora uses RPT.
  • Charlotte Dixon
    Charlotte is my best friend, confidant, cheerleader, blog mentor and coach, and an amazingly beautiful human being who brings life and encouragement to all who get to play with her. Check out her blog. There's great exercises on creativity and writing and if you need asisstance with starting a blog or writing your next book, Charlotte is the one to contact.
  • Simon & Evette Rose, Reference Point Therapy
    Reference Point Therapy is the creation of Simon and Evette Rose. RPT a fast and effective method to create more of the life we truly desire by clearing the effects of past trauma. August, 2009 I completed a 15 day training with both of them -- what an honor and priviledge to know and work with them and this cutting edge personal growth modality.


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